Scientific Program

Monday 25th November 2019


Charles Sultan Adolescence: a high risk period for PCOS development?

Alessandro Genazzani Neuroendocrine and metabolic impairments

Ruben Heremans Sonographic 2D and 3D idiosyncrasies of the polycystic ovary

13:00-14:00 Light lunch

14:00-15:00 Clinical case with the expert

Frederic Chantraine Clinical case of AIP (abnormally invasive placenta)

Bart Fauser Teatment of anovulatory infertility

Alessandro Genazzani Hyperandrogenic amenorrhea: from diagnosis to treatment
Andrea Genazzani The woman over 40
Ruben Heremans Polycystic ovarian morphology in young patients
Michelle Nisolle Hysteroscopy  in AUB
John Stevenson Insulin resistance
Charles Sultan Adolescent hirsutism = management
Basil Tarlatzis Diagnostic Criteria of PCOS


Basil Tarlatzis Treatment of Infertility in women with PCOS

Rossella Nappi Quality of life and Sexual Health

Bart Fauser PCOS: implications for reproduction and beyond

Tuesday 26th November 2019


Andrzej Milewicz Environment factors responsible for obesity and insuline resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome

John Stevenson Cardiovascular impact of metabolic abnormalities

Andrea Genazzani Personalized therapies: why, when and for how long, the need of tailoring

Frederic Chantraine PCO and pregnant: what the physician (or obstetrician) has to know to assure the best pregnancy follow-up

13:00-14:00 Light lunch

14:00-15:00 Clinical case with the expert

Frederic Chantraine Additive value of sFlt-1/PlGF in preeclampsia

Bart Fauser Ovarian stimulation for IVF

Alessandro Genazzani Weight loss amenorrhea: how to evaluate the exams to better choose the therapeutic strategy
Andrea Genazzani After deliveries and between pregnancies: How to manage
Ruben Heremans The multifollicular versus the polycystic ovary
Andrzej Milewicz Vitamin D and metabolic and hormonal disorders in PCOS
Michelle Nisolle Infertility management in PCO patients
Tommaso Simoncini Managing perimenopausal symptoms in women at increased cardiometabolic risk
John Stevenson Dyslipidaemia


Michelle Nisolle How to prevent, to diagnose and to treat gynecological cancer in PCO patients?

Tommaso Simoncini Metabolic changes at the menopausal transition

17:15–17:30 Closing remarks

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