The course

12 Masters in Gynecology will analyze all causes of Amenorrhea from adolescence
to menopause to better understand their pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapies

The course will be available as 12 recorded webinars.


George Creatsas Amenoorrhea and Mullerian Malformations
Philippe Bouchard Kallman’s Syndrome and other genetic Amenorrheas
Charles Sultan Adolescent primary amenorrhea
Angelica Linden Hirschberg Amenorrhea in eating disorders
Alessandro D. Genazzani Exercise and Stress Related Amenorrhea
Andrzej Milewicz Endocrine Gland Disorders Related Amenorrhea
Basil Tarlatzis Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Gabriele Merki Amenorrhoea associated with contraception and the postpartum period
Tommaso Simoncini Amenorrhea in Oncological Patients
Xavier Santamaria Asherman’s Syndrome: the therapeutic endometrial regeneration
Svetlana Vujovic Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
Andrea Genazzani Menopause a natural condition: does it require to be corrected? For whom and for how long?

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