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Learn from top-notch international experts the Hormone Therapies fo Menopause and Healthy Aging

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Contents of the course

Sarah Berga Hormonal changes at Menopausal Transition and beyond

12 October 2022 16:00–17:30 CEST


Andrea Genazzani Adrenopause impact on circulating steroids

20 October 2022 15:00–16:30 CEST


John Stevenson Hormones and cardiovascular aging: from prevention to therapies

03 November 2022 15:00–16:30 CET


Walter Rocca Premature or early bilateral oophorectomy and cognitive aging

17 November 2022 15:00–16:30 CET


Johannes Bitzer Female and Male sexual dysfunction and aging

01 December 2022 15:00–16:30 CET

Martin Birkhaeuser Hormone therapy and Menopausal Symptoms

15 December 2022 15:00–16:30 CET


Steve Godstein SERMs for menopause and healthy aging

5 January 2023 15:00–16:30 CET


Nick Panay Bio-Identical and Bio-equivalent hormones

13 January 2023 15:00–16:30 CET


Serge Rozenberg Hormone therapies for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis prevention

26 January 2023 15:00–16:30 CET


Roberta Diaz Brinton The post-menopause hormonal asset and the Brain aging process

09 February 2023 16:00–17:30 CET


Mark Brincat Connective tissues, skin and mucosae after menopause: impact of Hormone therapies

23 February 2023 15:00–16:30 CET


Antonio Cano Menopause, hormone therapy and the gastrointestinal system

09 March 2023 15:00–16:30 CET


Alessandro Genazzani Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and menopause: the changes in body structure and their therapies

23 March 2023 15:00–16:30 CEST

Tommaso Simoncini Impact of Menopause and Aging on Pelvic floor organs: surgical and medical therapies for prevention and treatment

06 April 2023 15:00–16:30 CEST

Rossella Nappi Hormones and other therapies for Female Sexual Dysfunction, Vulvodinia and Sexual aging prevention

20 April 2023 15:00–16:30 CEST

Valentina Bonous Hormonal treatments in women with endocrine-related cancers: when, how, alternatives

27 April 2023 15:00–16:30 CEST

Pauline Maki Depression and other Mood disorders after Menopause: impact of Hormone Therapies

11 May 2023 15:00–16:30 CEST


Andrea Genazzani The concept of Hormone Therapies for long-term treatments: a matter of choices

18 May 2023 15:00–16:30 CEST